Please note that orders are now being shipped by the Grays ferry unit in Philadelphia, PA, USA. We meet each Tuesday so orders will usually be filled on Tuesday's and mailed on Wednesday on Thursday. If you need faster service or have any questions regarding orders, please send an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
NEW!Calix and the Twelve Steps by Fr. Arnold Luger ** SPANISH EDITION ** $9.00 Ppd
NEW! Calix, What and Why ** SPANISH EDITION ** $1.00 ea
Matt Talbot sculpture See flyer under "resources". Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before ordering to arrange for local pickup in Philadelphia and save the shipping cost.$75.00 Ppd
Matt Talbot sculptures for the UK. Due to shipping costs we need to add $10 US to the cost.$85.00 Ppd
Calix Banner - with pole and rope to hang it$45.00 Ppd
Calix Banner - without pole and rope$35.00 Ppd
Sister Ignatia DVD. Documentary on the life of Sr. Ignatia and her role in early AA$19.00 Ppd
Recovery Meditation On The Stations of The Cross by Msgr. Harrington. Great resource for your meetings during Lent!$5.00 Ppd
Heaven's Homecoming by Fr. Douglas McKay (Grays Ferry Spiritual Guide) Note that the Kindle version is now available at Use the link from the Calix homepage to get to Amazon and then look at "Kindle Books"$12.00 Ppd
Calix and the Twelve Steps by Fr. Arnold Luger ** NOTE ** There is also a Kindle version of this book available at Go to the Calix homepage and click on the Amazon banner to purchase for $5.99!$9.00 Ppd
The Light of Faith (Reprinted!) by Fr. Francis Canavan$9.00 Ppd
By The Grace of God by Fr. Francis Canavan$11.00 Ppd
Parable and Ponderings by A. Fenker, SPCC$9.00 Ppd
The Soul of Sponsorship (From letters between Bill W. and Fr. Dowling) by Robert Fitzgerald, S.J.$13.00 Ppd
Sister Ignatia Angel of Alcoholics Anonymous (Back in print. Now published by Hazelden!) by Mary Darrah$17.00 Ppd
A 12-Step Approach to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (52 Meditations, & their relation to the 12 steps) by James Harbaugh, S.J.$18.00 Ppd
Addict in The Family by Beverly Conyers$15.00 Ppd
Let the Oppressed Go Free by Cardinal Justin Rigali$6.00 Ppd
12-Step Review (Set) edited by Fr. Emmerich Vogt$15.00 Ppd
The 12 Steps and Catholic Spirituality by Fr. Leo Dolan$1.00 ea.
Introduction to Calix Packet $1.50 ea.
A Word for the Problem Drinker$0.40 ea
Calix, What and Why$0.30 ea
How it Works-Spiritually$0.30 ea
Information for Chaplains$0.30 ea
Matt Talbot Medals$0.70 ea
Matt Talbot Prayer Card, 4-color$0.50 ea
Matt Talbot Prayer Card, Black & White$0.10 ea
Prayer for Matt Talbot$0.20 ea
Information for New Units$0.30 ea
Calix Induction Ceremony$0.30 ea
Calix Pin (Members Only!)$5.00 ea