Retreat Audio Talks

2010 - Omaha
1992 Nashville
1978 - Cleveland
This folder contains the available talks from the 21st Annual Calix Convention held in Cleveland in 1978

Welcome Gene Campbell (51 downloads)
Convention Welcome by Gene Campbell. 5 minutes







Dick Quinn (46 downloads)
Talk by Dick Quinn. 27 minutes







Jayne M (45 downloads)
Talk by Jayne M, introduced by George S. 30 Minutes







Kevin B (50 downloads)
Kevin B speaks about the start of and current programs at Rosary Hall in Cleveland started by Sr. Ignatia







Noon Session Intro (53 downloads)
Introduction of Dr. Norris by Fr. Schwertley, chaplain of the Omaha Calix Unit







Noon Session Part 1 (44 downloads)
This is Part 1 of Dr. Norris’ talk. 28 minutes







Noon Session Part 2 (44 downloads)
This is Part 2 of Dr. Norris’ talk. 17 minutes







Noon Session Close (46 downloads)
Fr. Schwertley presents Dr. Norris with a gift followed by a Prayer of Gratitude by Fr. Gregory French from the Cleveland Unit. 4.5 minutes







1974 - Pope Paul VI Audience
Pope Paul VI Audience (MP3) (49 downloads)
Note:¬†This file contains the audio of Pope Paul VI addressing the group of Calix members who traveled to Rome in 1974. Between the quality of the recording and the Pope’s Italian accent it is difficult to make out all that he says. It will help to have the text of Pope Paul VI address (also in this folder) open to follow along. There is additional talk in Italian that is also translated as part of the audio. This was a true blessing for the Society on the occasion of our 25th anniversary.







Address of Pope Paul VI (DOC) (53 downloads)